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BTC’s Gourmet Street Food.

BTC’s Gourmet Street Food.

Inspired by the growing food market trends in Manila like Mercato Centrale, Banchetto Night Market and Legazpi Sunday Market in Makati, Cebu’s very own Banilad Town Centre recently launched the Gourmet Street Food Market.

My friends and I dropped by BTC on the opening weekend right after watching the last full show of that one big cliché of a movie called No Other Woman. Tonight I am here with 2 groups: the dormies and my dance classmates. We were hoping to fill ourselves up with lots of great food finds and well, it certainly didn’t disappoint. Considering that this is only the opening weekend, there are only 6 stalls all in all. The first one sold some incredibly good tapsilog. Although I didn’t get to try it one of my friends did and it got pretty good reviews.

Next there’s The Pantry’s stall which offered some really REALLY good sausages. You get to have your sausage just the way you like it here. Choose your meat, then the toppings, and put them all together inside a tasty but healthy wheat bun. YUMMM!

The next stall sold their own version of that famous Choriburger from Boracay. Their booth looked pretty basic with just an electric grill

But I was so totally blown away by how good the Choriburger is. OMG! The sauce is incredibly rich and bursting with flavor and ends with a nice spicy zing complimenting the meat beautifully. Looove this! 😀

Then there’s the Eats Delicious stall where we saw a good selection of meat pies and desserts. The owner convinced us to try one of the pies telling us we absolutely won’t regret it. I also found their bread soup bowls interesting but I in the end chose to go with the meat pie.

I slathered their chicken pie with their trademark salsa and upon swallowing a mouthful I savored the delicious interplay of the salty chicken with its rich sauce and the sweet, buttery, flaky crust. These meat pies will set you back a hundred bucks which is pretty steep for its size if you ask me. But I can tell the ingredients used are of the finest quality so it’s probably all worth it. 😉

This booth also showcased some yummy desserts and if only I was hungry enough I would have tried them all. I ordered the tiny custard cake thingy but I thought it reminded me a little bit of Cassava cake which was I totally didn’t expect. Maybe I should have gone with the lemon or mango tart instead.

Diets Are Evil featured some pretty interesting dishes but by then I was too full to eat anything more. This is will probably be one of the reasons for me to go back. That Lechon Sisig looks pretty intriguing to me.

The last stall is called Dos Hermanos which featured some traditional Spanish fare. I was so tempted to try the paella but then again there was just no more space in my stomach. Lesson learned? Come to the food market with a HUGE appetite. Trust me. It will be so hard to resist temptation here.

Here I am with my friendships. Don’t we all look so happy and FULL? J It doesn’t take much to please us girls. Just take us to a place with great food finds like the BTC Gourmet Street Food Market. Open every Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00pm to 1:00am at the outer lobby.


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