The Yum2x Tree Of My Childhood

09 Oct
The Yum2x Tree Of My Childhood

*This is another re-post from my old blog, the now-defunct Eat, Drink & Be Loved. Once again, I am so incredibly happy that I was able to salvage this particular post. Thanks to my loyal reader Bong who saved his subscriptions. I just had to take pictures again during a recent visit here. Yay! 😀 * 

Do you ever get that feeling when you eat something and it feels like you just became reunited with an old friend? I get that feeling quite a lot especially when I get to eat dishes from my childhood. Growing up, my Mom used to do her groceries at Rustan’s when it was still located at Mango Avenue. And while she lines up to pay at the cashier my siblings and I always make a beeline for The Yum Yum Tree.

Fast forward to many years later, Rustan’s closed down for a long time. Well, to me it felt like a VERY long time. However, recently, it reopened under a new management in a new location. So imagine the happiness I felt when I knew I’d get to eat at Yum Yum Tree again! Although the new location is at the opposite end of the city, I purposely drive going there just to eat my favorites. Gone are the dark green and brown colors and comfortable, cushioned seats. They have been replaced with these plastic ones but I don’t mind at all. Some of their waiters have been here since forever and one of them even still recognizes me when I eat here with my siblings.

Their menu consists of more or less the same offerings that they had several years ago. And my oh my. Look at those prices! You can rarely see anything over p100 here. This is what I call value for my money.

I hardly ever order anything new here at Yum Yum Tree. I tend to stick to my old favorites if I eat at a restaurant that I frequent. And their Palabok (p55) is definitely on my list of ultimate favorite foods. When people ask me where they can find the best palabok I always tell them to go to Yum Yum Tree.

I think the secret is in their sauce. Compared to other palabok that have sauces that lean towards the thinner consistency, this one is incredibly rich and coats the noodles just perfectly. It bursts with bags of flavor in your mouth and the interplay of textures is just beautiful. From the smooth, silky noodles, to the rich, almost creamy sauce, to the crunch of the crumbled fried pork bits. Drizzle it with the calamansi for that extra kick that will get you reaching for the next forkful within seconds of swallowing. This is the palabok of my dreams and for that you must understand why I became deliriously happy when Yum Yum Tree opened again.

Then of course, there’s my OTHER favorite, their Spaghetti w/ Meatsauce (p45). Before placing my order I always ALWAYS have a debate in my head whether I should go with Spaghetti or palabok because I love them equally. This is the only spaghetti I ever dare to eat with rice (yeah, I know carbo-loading much) and the only spaghetti I can consume 2 orders of in 1 sitting.

Again, the sauce is Yum Yum’s secret weapon. Its rich, thick consistency punctuated by little bits of flavorful ground meat, its harmonious blend of spices, topped with glorious amounts of shredded cheddar cheese, all make for one simply amazing Spaghetti dish. I want to bottle the sauce and take it home with me because it’s really just THAT good.

I wish I had the time to take more pictures of these two but I was on a tight schedule when I took these. But then again, who cares about pictures right? I tell you to stop staring at the screen now and head on out to Yum Yum Tree whether it’s for a real meal or just for a snack. For less than a hundred bucks you’ll get so much Yum-yum for your tum-tum. LOL!

The Yum Yum Tree is located at

Rustan’s Supermarket Banawa branch

Arcenas Estates, Banawa, Cebu City

Open everyday until 9:00pm

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