Leaves in my Pizza at Pizzeria Michelangelo

06 Oct
Leaves in my Pizza at Pizzeria Michelangelo

Pizza for me is a food group all on its own. I grew up eating a lot of pizza from the time I could only afford to eat the cheapo yet super tasty Mom’s pizza ’till there was JCA, then Shakey’s, Pizza Hut and Yellow Cab. Pizza has always had a special place in my heart (and in my stomach). So when I heard about this relatively new pizza place called Pizzeria Michelangelo, I knew I just had to give it a try.

Tucked away in a row of restaurants along the Maria Luisa Road, Banilad, Pizzeria Michelangelo is a cozy little place that is perfect for long and lazy afternoon meetings w/ colleagues or friends or for warm breezy nights in the company of family and loved ones. The walls are adorned with paintings and pictures of Michelangelo’s creations and the lovely open kitchen features a brick oven where all the pizza is made.

Upon entering you will see this framed menu of their different pasta dishes that make your mouth water just by looking at it. The gnocchi is calling my name.

Today I am here at Pizzeria Michelangelo with my good friend Karen who’s very health conscious. And now that I am still on a diet that makes 2 of us. So even if I was so tempted to order pasta together with the pizza, we opted to go for a healthy salad instead. This is their Salad Caprese. Karen and I wrapped these little cheese and tomato tandems in lettuce leaves, popped them into our mouths and enjoyed its incredibly refreshing taste. This was the perfect start to our meal. Just enough to get whet our appetite for what’s coming next.

Our Robertino pizza arrived looking gorgeous with a heaping amount of arugula on top. Prior to eating here, the only other time I ate leaves with my pizza was Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla pizza which I absolutely adored. I knew just upon looking at it that I’d fall in love with this right away.

Underneath the pile of arugula you will find strips of prosciutto swimming in incredibly delicious cheese and made even more delicious with a generous sprinkling of parmesan on top.

And the thing that makes the Robertino a certified hit in my books is the fried egg at the center of the pie. Egg + Prosciutto + Cheese = perfect combination. Add some arugula plus Michelangelo’s trademark thin crust and you have yourself the pizza that dreams are made of. Pizzeria Michelangelo’s pizza is so light. It doesn’t have that overwhelmingly strong after taste that most commercial pizzas have. Which is why I found myself wolfing down one slice after another. The next thing I knew I was up to 3 and a half slices. LOL!

For dessert Karen and I ordered their Tiramsu. This is classic Italian dessert that I have enjoyed in most other restaurants that I frequent. Sadly, this left a little bit too much to be desired. Underneath all that cream we only found about a quarter of an inch of cake and that was it. What a disappointment.

Whenever I am on a lunch date with Karen I always know I won’t end up getting any work done for the day because we finish chit-chatting our lives away after about 3 whole hours. But that’s just how we roll. 🙂 Thanks Kar, for being great company as always 🙂 . Too bad we didn’t get to take a picture of us two! Pizzeria Michelangelo, I am coming back for more of that arugula and by then I hope I can afford to spend some extra calories on some pasta dishes too.

Pizzeria Michelangelo is located along Maria Luisa Road, Banilad Cebu City. Right next to Gustavian.

Tel. No. (032)2364297

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